In The Buff - Spray Tan Remover Body Scrub

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In The Buff can be used before your tanning procedure to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells and leftover spray tan residue on the skin that may interfere with achieving a flawless spray tan. Use it after the procedure to remove your spray tan effectively. It also improves blood circulation, leaving your skin looking healthy and radiant!


How to use:

Bathe or shower for at least ten minutes to get your skin nice and hydrated. Apply "In The Buff" in a circular motion focusing on stubborn left over sunless tan areas, dry skin spots or anywhere that needs a little extra buffing. Rinse and pat dry.

Your skin will feel and look amazing!

A little goes a long way, reapply as needed until the sunless tan is completely removed. Reseal the bag to ensure freshness for your next application. 


Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Cocos Nucifera, Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminum Free) Pumicite, Citrus Limon