Welcome to Love My Scrub!

I'm Jenifer Flannery, creator and CEO of  the Love My Scrub all natural skincare line.

Love My Scrub was born out of my own search for the perfect, natural products to help me control my skin problems and eczema. As someone who has always had extremely sensitive skin, I understand the struggles of not being able to find ideal skin products and I'm proud to offer my skincare line as a natural alternative to anyone looking for organic products that are not only gentle on the skin but are also effective and safe! Our baby care line is very popular too.

My personal journey to achieving smooth skin and a glowing complexion began with my frustration with the more traditional products on the skincare market. I realized that part of the problem was that I, like so many people around the world, suffered from allergies to some of the harsh chemicals found in many cosmetics and beauty products (parabens, synthetic colors, perfumes and petroleum plastics for example). As I researched deeper into the area, I understood that these chemicals were often not only counterproductive in skincare products for people with sensitive skin, but could also have a negative impact on people without allergies! The answer to my skin problems seemed obvious to me – all natural skincare products.

All natural skincare is not just another passing beauty trend – it's here to stay for many reasons. Apart from the fact that all natural products are amazingly effective and good for you, there are endless benefits of using them on your skin.

Think about it this way, your skin is your body's largest organ and immune defence barrier. Because skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it into the bloodstream, we have to be extremely careful about the sort of substances we expose it to. The more you apply harsh, synthetic chemicals to your skin, the more tired and worn-out your skin will be – this not only hinders its ability to cope with foreign materials, but also results in dull, exhausted and prematurely aged skin.

When I noticed the fantastic results I was getting from my natural skin care products, I was overjoyed! My skin looked fresh, bright and clear, and finally felt adequately nourished, rejuvenated and healed! The long term positive results of my products lead me to the decision to share the benefits of my line with everyone else – thus, the idea for Love My Scrub was born!

Whether you're looking for all natural solutions to acne, eczema and skin allergies, or effective natural skincare products to deal with scars, cellulite or dry skin, Love My Scrub has something for everyone!

Your skin is one of your most important organs, Love My scrub, all natural products can help you give it the care that it deserves!

Jenifer Flannery


Love My Scrub